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To measure your decisions somehow. I was face with the fact that my old metrics did not adequately measure what the products effect was base on. And when we forme new metrics a more serious task was reveale it turne out that we neee to rebuild the business process as a whole. Lesson three the deadline name by the developers must be multiplie by two Here of course Im exaggerating but the point is this you nee to set aside time for risks. Lets assume that you are planning tasks for the quarter. You have identifie the features and went to the technical lead to find out how long it will take to implement them.

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He announces the deadlines you prioritize the features and bring them to the business. This was toplevel planning and when sprint planning begins it turns out that the feature will require reworking the entire section page rewriting the database and even your tester goes Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List on vacation for a month. And of course you are responsible for this mistake. Its not for nothing that there is a riskoriente approach in management even if you dont yet know how to work with risks set aside of your time for emergency situations. After all its better to take something extra from the backlog than to not complete the goals.

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Lesson four the team must be happy At this stage of selfknowlege sensitive products are eliminate. Or they find a good psychologist depending on your luck Product Australia Phone Number List is a filter between the evil and scary world and the comfort in which developers are use to living. Since I became a product manager I have sometimes heard that a product is not good enough or does not provide value. For a person who sincerely considers the product his brainchild this is a lot of stress and no matter how much.

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