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You would like to discuss this with someone in no case should. You bring this up to the developers. But its definitely worth discussing with your mentor It would seem obvious. But its still worth noting. Because the development team creates. A cool product with creativity and pleasure and business problems presente on emotions can completely ruin this magical atmosphere. But of course there is no nee to hide the highlighte problems if you are told that the product does not solve the problem this is an excellent reason for research and further improvements.

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You just nee to solve business problems at the business level in your area of responsibility and the development team just nees to understand the goals objectives and risks. Lesson five balance between team lead and project manager There are different situations in Austria WhatsApp Number List life and every team member can face burnout. Your task as a leader is to monitor the effectiveness and emotional state of the team find out what is happening help if possible and give corrective feeback regarding work at such moments. Sometimes a developer nees to change the direction of tasks sometimes even the project.

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Talk to him about how he sees his development what tasks he is intereste in doing and offer something new. Sometimes life situations require you to go on a long vacation offer your employee this opportunity. In modern companies fortunately this is an increasingly Austria Phone Number List common practice. It is worth keeping in mind that these efforts may not always have an effect and you nee to be mentally prepare to look for a replacement employee. Unfortunately there is no good guy position in IT yet. Lesson six the sooner you admit that you cant cope the better. I hit a difficult moment after quarters of my independent work. Everything somehow went downhill we made even more bugs.

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