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Development management Project management eugenic hours ago. The depth of your virtual wallet What do fintech apps know. About you Simple min Information Security From the sandbox Recovery Mode. Translation Original author Tactical Tech and Social TIC Good day. I would like to bring to your attention a translation of an interesting article about. An investigation relate to personal data by Tactical Tech and SocialTIC in the EU. The investigation affecte applications relate to finance the socalle fintech. And the conclusions they came to are quite disappointing.

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I think that their investigation is like a general trend that affects not. Only that small part of existing applications but the situation throughout the world as a whole including the CIS countries. Original article Taking care of your personal data takes as much effort. As managing Armenia WhatsApp Number List your finances maybe even more. A joint study conducte by Tactical Tech and SocialTIC analyze. How financial technology fintech apps focuse on personal budgeting protect the privacy of their users data as well as how users themselves manage their personal information in these apps.

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Research and reports by Tactical Tech and SocialTIC We use the EUs General Data Protection Regulation GDPR to ask five fintech companies for the information they hold about some of their users. We have partnere with voluntary data donors to collect such information. Our findings suggest that money spent on drugs alcohol travel or birth control pills was Albania Phone Number List store in their apps. This information is use by algorithms that attempt to create a users creit profile personal profile or for advertising purposes and is also sent to other countries not covere by the GDPR such as the Unite States. We spoke with experts about the challenges and risks that companies access to such data could mean for users in the short and long term. Taking care of your personal data takes.

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