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lo que te quieres comprar Why online advertising knows what you want to buy. Of the personal finance apps available to users in the European. Union we looke at five services four budget apps Fintonic You Nee a Budget YNAB Splitwise and Tricount and Revolut. A mobile banking app also use in as an expense management app in countries like Romania. The choice of these applications was not arbitrary. They were among the most downloade. Personal budgeting and financial management apps at the end. Of in Spain France Germany and Romania the countries we looke at in our research.

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They all offer personal finance and budgeting services with features ranging from sharing expenses. With colleagues friends or strangers to creating a detaile budget to save for travel a masters degree or even retirement. There is no clear guarantee that and other Algeria WhatsApp Number List personal data that apps. And the companies that create them collect from users is handle with sufficient care. In our research into the privacy policies and personal data handling of budgeting apps available in Europe we found that companies are not fully transparent about how they handle user data.

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Moreover they often do not follow their own rules and sometimes store personal information longer than require. For example we encountere a case where the personal data of a random user was transferre to us without his knowlege and was store longer than expecte despite the fact that he stoppe using the application many years ago. Through data subject requests Dominican Republic Phone Number List under the Digital Subject Requests Right DSAR under the EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR a technical analysis of selecte apps and a thorough review of their privacy policies we have identifie issues that she light on the extent citizens vulnerabilities as they expect their privacy and digital rights to be respecte and respecte.

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