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There are 4 options available to promote communities: “Join the community” – use to attract new subscribers. “Post to community” – select if you want to receive more messages to the community. “Purchase of goods and services” – will increase the number of orders for goods or services presente in the community. “Increase engagement” – makes it possible to increase the number of reactions to posts, stimulate users to share content more often. Examples of ads with “Join Community” and “Increase Engagement” actions With the help of VK Advertising algorithms, your ads will be seen by those VKontakte users who are most likely to take the selecte action.

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Benefits of Community Advertising VK Advertising Automation Tools : automatic budget optimization : determines which ads perform best and allocates the budget accordingly. automatic bid management : allows you to get the maximum conversions whatsapp mobile number list within the budget. universal ad format : when uploading a banner, resizes for all placements are create automatically. Ready-made versions of ad texts . At the stage of creating an announcement, click on the magic wand in the fields “Title” and “Description”, and you will get several options generate specifically for your community.

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Video creatives are generate automatically. Upload an image and fill in the “Title” and “Description. Text fields – base on them, videos will be generate that can be use in advertising. Creating communities is available from the advertising account . When DY Leads registering through VK ID, you can create and immeiately promote a new community. How to run community ads 1 In the “Campaigns” menu, click “Create” and select “VKontakte Community” 2 In the Promote Community field, enter a link to your community, or select from the drop-down list 3 Select the target action for advertising: “Join the community”, “Write to the community”, “Purchase of goods and services”, “Increasing engagement.

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