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In this case, active campaigns with the data use will stop, and the user will receive a notification.Promote videos and broadcasts on VKontakte A new advertising object has appeare in VK Advertising, with its help you can increase the number of views of videos and online broadcasts March 23, 2023 The promotion of videos and broadcasts from communities has become available to businesses and content authors on VKontakte. Advertising will be shown in the VKontakte fee and will allow you to get more views.

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Tests have shown that with the new functionality, the cost of viewing a video costs advertisers an average of 66% less. For video advertising Latest Mailing Database in the VK Advertising account, a new advertising object has appeare – “Video and Broadcasts”, promotion is available for the target action “Views of Video Recordings and Broadcasts”. Thus, VK Ads algorithms optimize the display of ads with videos so that they are seen by the audience that is most likely to be intereste in the content. Users who see the ad will be able to interact with the video – view, share it, leave reactions and comments.

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In order to start the promotion, you nee to register on the. VK Advertising platform using your VK account (VK ID account) – then information about.  Videos from administere communities will automatically be uploade to the DY Leads advertising account. In the near future, the tool will become available to all users of the platform, regardless of the registration method. VK Advertising, you can promote videos and broadcasts of any duration, available for viewing by all VKontakte users. When promoting a broadcast, you nee to take into account.  The time for ad moderation, so it’s better to create such an ad in advance. You can analyze advertising campaigns with video and broadcasts by several metrics: ad impressions; click on an ad; start browsing.

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