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US citizens due to regulatory concerns about the security of biometric data collecte by the payment system. There are several remarkable and funny facts associate with Sam Altman. He often appears in public wearing a blue backpack which is rumore to contain secret equipment designe to disable ChatGPT and DALLE if the artificial intelligence suddenly gets out of control. No one has reliable information about the real contents of the legendary backpack except perhaps Sam Altman himself. They say that Altman being one of the creators of A this in an interview with ABC News in.

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If his brainchild nevertheless rebels one day and almost according to the Terminator scenario Armagedon comes to Earth Sam will be ready for this. In this case he has a supply of weapons gold potassium iodide antibiotics batteries water gas masks from the Latvia WhatsApp Number List Israel Defense Forces and he also bought a large plot of land in Big Sur where he can fly in the event of a disaster. Altman receive his private pilots license at age and enjoys renting small planes and flying them throughout California. He also has a passion for racing cars he has five cars in his garage including two McLarens and an old.

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Tesla which he once purchase from Musk. Still Altman is an optimist. He still believes that AI will bring more benefit to humanity than harm. His own words speak about this Humanity is already in a phase of coevolution artificial intelligence improves us and we improve it. The fusion of a person with artificial intelligence is the best scenario for a person because the collision Cameroon Phone Number List of two species prone to dominance inevitably results in a conflict the consequences of which e. We will be the first species to create a new intelligent species our descendants. It would be great if the world starte taking this process seriously and starte coordinating it . This article is supporte by the Serverspace team.

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