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Application pod logs Applications in Ks write logs to stdoutor stderr. Next the container runtime collects and stores these logs in a directory usually varlogpods. This process can be customize to suit specific nees Movement of application logs in Ks . Service logs on nodes Additionally the Kubernetes environment includes services that run outside of containers including containerd and kubelet. We are also intereste in collecting their journals. There are also services that send their logs to syslog such as the authentication logs generate by the SSH daemon. In some cases containers write logs not to stdoutstderr but to a specific path. For example this is how kubeapiserver works with its audit logs.

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Therefore these logs also nee to be collecte from the corresponding nodes. . Events Events are another example of data that can be considere logs. They have a unique structure because they only exist in etcd . To collect them you nee to make a request to the Kubernetes API. Example event manifest apiVersion v kind Event count metadata name standardworker.ebf namespace Lithuania WhatsApp Number List default reason RegistereNode firstTimestamp TZ lastTimestamp TZ involveObject apiVersion v kind Node name standardworker uid fbcdecdb message Registere Node standardworker in Controller Events have fields reasonand count which allow them to be treate as metrics The field reasonidentifies the event.

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The field countacts as a counter and increases as subsequent events are recorde. But events can also be collecte as traces because there are fields firstTimestampand lastTimestamp. That is you can create complex Gantt charts that help you . Events also contain humanreadable Cayman Islands Phone Number List messages field message that is they can be collecte in the form of logs. Thus Kubernetes can collect pod logs node service logs and events. In this article we will focus on pod logs and service logs on nodes. Collecting events requires additional software that interacts with the Kubernetes API which is beyond the scope of our topic. Introducing Vector.

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