Effective Aggregate Design Part

Effective Aggregate Sate for the already complete steps of the saga if it was impossible to complete the next step but were able to at least understand this then we nee to ask a person to manually correct the problem in the sales database. Now Ill tell you why this problem will inevitably arise in any DDD project. Almost everything is fine in DDD except for one tactical pattern determining the transaction boundary by aggregate . Unfortunately this is a key element of the entire tactical part of DDD.

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So you can avoid this pattern only if you limit your project to using the DDD strategy completely abandoning the DDD tactics. DDD recommends that when an Korea WhatsApp Number Data aggregate is change it is save entirely in the database in one transaction. But developers tend to worry too much about data integrity so this recommendation naturally leads to most of the projects data being lumpe together into one giant aggregate. Unfortunately it doesnt work that way the infrastructure cant handle it slowdowns and massive cancellations of transactions begin.  and frequent conflicts between transactions.

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A rather strict recommendation is adde make aggregates as small as possible. Evans recommendation ask the business whether it nees immeiate consistency of a given invariant or can use eventual consistency and if the business is satisfie with the latter  hint Croatia Phone Number List most often it will then move part of a large aggregate into a separate aggregates and coordinate them between itself with some delay through domain events. And so that following this recommendation does not lead to the other extreme in which almost all aggregates consist of a single entity Evans adde one more ask.

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