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Tags phdays Luzhniki standoff cio ciso offensive defensive cyber festival cyber battle cybersecurity Hubs Positive Technologies Blog Information Security Conferences Software IT companies Career in cybersecurity or How to grow in information security Simple min Positive Technologies Blog Information Security Research and forecasts in IT eucational process in IT Career in the IT industry Opinion Every year thousands of graduates of information security programs starting their careers ask themselves the questions how to develop in cybersecurity and what position to strive for.

According to our observations

What problems will I be able to solve in a few years Can I change my career path if I realize Im getting bore My name is Dmitry Feorov I manage projects for interaction with universities in the Positive eucation team. We often hear these questions when personally India Mobile Database working with students and young professionals so we decide to answer them and in the end we came up with visual diagrams of career development in information security. You can view them in detail using the link . Image not loade The idea for the scheme first appeare in when I as a graduate with a degree in Information Security was choosing a future place of work.

I take this opportunity to say

I already had experience in scientific research programming in C reverse engineering testing mobile applications and tutoring in numerical methods. At that time internship positions for virus analysts appeare on the job market I didnt find any other suitable areas and I didnt want to write documents. During this period I was offere a teaching position at a university Nigeria Whatsapp Number List where a new direction in information security had just opene. Thus for the next years my career path was connecte with curriculum development teaching and administrative work. Every year I conducte classes for students on introduction to the specialty where I talke about ways of development in the field of cybersecurity.

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