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Technologies team where I continue to teach and develop information security eucation at universities. At Positive eucation we have systematically approache the construction of a career development scheme in information security. The basis for creating the scheme was an analysis of more than vacancies on the labor market over the past three months interviews with experts in the field of information security representing large enterprises. Each expert interviewe had his own unique path to the profession which we visually summarize by analogy with customer journey maps.

As a result eight areas of development

For an information security specialist appeare on the diagram protection of CII information compliance management safety research RD administration of information security tools security operations center SOC vulnerability management secure application development Hong Kong Mobile Number List there was an article about this area in our blog recently teaching cybersecurity. Features of the labor market in the field of cybersecurity The specialists tasks depend on the maturity of the companys information security processes. In meiumsize enterprises a system administrator may be responsible for cybersecurity setting up printers and information security systems that is combining several roles simultaneously.

At large enterprises entire departments

Are responsible for information security and operate their own SOC with internal distribution of roles. Thus the work of a cybersecurity specialist can involve many roles simultaneously which is why the term role is use instead of profession in the diagram. In the process of moving along a career path an information security specialist tries himself in various roles New Zealand Whatsapp Number List and as a result can apply for new positions in the company involving more complex and interesting tasks. A specialist can also grow as an expert in one role for example gaining knowlege and skills in the field of security analysis or reverse engineering of various systems. We were inspire by the metro layout which does not strictly correspond to the terrain but is still understandable to passengers.

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