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Business content reaction to current events in the IT field expert comments. We publish content on industry platforms Cnews IT Channel News TAdviser. Which team works with content There is a content manager on staff who is responsible for content. Technical content is written by inhouse developers and business content is written by the CEO or department heads. In this case I act as an eitor. In total people are involve in creating content. A separate employee is responsible for video production.

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How are the processes for working with content structure Content ideas come from the team. The content manager collects them in chats and enters them into a large registry. For example we decide to write articles on each of the export formats. We write articles for each Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data product release. What channels do you use to promote content We dont use paid channels. We promote articles organically and use them in our support services. We are experts in document formats and want to make sure we have an answer to any query on this topic. For answers we write articles using the template How to create a document in the  environment. We have a public page on Kontakte.

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We post materials on partner blogs on Habr. What problems do you solve with the help of content Brand recognition. Initially the task was to ensure that  reports would come to mind. Onboarding and support. Articles help customers understand the product and take the burden off support. Support uses content to provide detaile answers to questions. What results were achieve Cambodia Phone Number List using the content Organics on the site give good results. I wont give exact numbers but there is reason to believe that the content fulfills its role. Can you give examples of successful cases There were several resonant stories. We accidentally found out that the Pension Fund uses our product in the internal document format

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