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Tags bb content content marketing avouner Mar at Russia plans to develop a digital platform. For confiscate cryptocurrency minutes Legislation. In IT Finance in IT Cryptocurrencies Russia is thinking about creating a state digital platform for the confiscation of cryptocurrency Izvestia writes. Cryptocurrency is already considere a digital asset and is seize in criminal cases. But mainly on physical meia. The task of working out the issue of creating such a platform was set. To the Ministry of Finance by the head of the government commission on crime. Prevention Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev. The government commission will have to report on the progress of work by October.

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The proposal was initiate by the Ministry of Finance. The withdrawn funds will be transferre to this government platform. The head of the State Duma Financial Market Committee Anatoly Aksakov believes. That the creation of such transactions with Canada WhatsApp Number Data cryptocurrency. According to him the concept of cryptocurrency nees to be introduce into Russian legislation this issue is planne to be resolve in the spring session Aksakov said. Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy Information Technologies and Communications Anton Gorelkin also note that the legislative status of cryptocurrency has not yet been determine in Russia.

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However the courts are already considering it as property and making confiscation decisions. Thus in one of the district courts of St. Petersburg allowe the arrest of cryptowallets of the accuse in a case of unlawful access to computer information and theft. Thus Gorelkin Canada Phone Number List says it would be logical to create a digital platform for storing these assets. The deputy claims that the main question now is how the Central Bank will react to this. At the moment most platforms for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency have foreign roots note Oleg Ogienko director of government relations at the largest operator of mining data centers BitRiver.

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