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We starte getting calls from people who didnt know how to open files. We were surprise that the Pension Fund uses documents in our internal format and does not export them to pdf. It turne out to be more convenient for them. We wrote an article with the loud headline Russian company replace pdf. And publishe it on industry websites. The comments starte to flow. We got the expecte hype effect. We once wrote in the meia about import substitution. It was smooth on paper but they forgot about the ravines. About how stateowne companies put a spoke in the wheels of the process.

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We drew the attention of our colleagues to the fact that if you sign an agreement carelessly. You can lose your business. The goal was to attract other market players. There was a resonance. We realize that we were not alone in facing this problem. This did not bring us USA WhatsApp Number Data any specific profit but we achieve consolidation of the IT community on this issue. Another case.  Have a feature an endless page of reports.  Were looking for a reallife example of infinity for an article and an association with printing on toilet paper appeare.  Wrote an article Do you want to get printing on toilet paper.

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We receive a large number of clicks for nontarget queries. But its funny. What is your approximate budget for content production and distribution We dont spend money on content promotion now only manhours. What areas do you plan to develop next year We plan to USA Phone Number List present customer cases next year. Only customers know how our tools solve their problems. We want to shift the focus to decision makers who speak the language of tasks. My name is Vlad Motroshilov.  Am a BB marketer author and eitor.  Hope the materials were useful to you.  hope the materials were useful to you. If your company nees highquality BB content cases articles interviews texts for the website write to me.

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