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After the personal computer was connecte to the Internet Sam discovere several free thematic chat rooms on the website of the America Online provider in which he soon became a regular discussing with other users. Shortly after Sam was born his family move from Chicago to St. Louis Missouri where the boy attende the private John Burroughs School. There Sams favorite subjects were computer science and mathematics. After graduating from high school he entere the computer science department at Stanford University where his passion for computer science was supplemente by an interest in IT business.

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While still in his second year Altman together with his classmate and college friend Nick Sivo began developing the Radiate mobile application which could show the location of the users friends or relatives on a map. Much later a similar function was implemente for example Jordan WhatsApp Number List in the standard Latitude app for iOS. In at the age of Sam rename the app Loopt founde the company of the same name and soon raise million in investments in several stages with the help of Y Combinator the first startup accelerator in the Unite States launche.

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In Cambridge which helpe birth such technology companies as Airbnb Dropbox Stripe and Zenefits. At the same time Altman quits Stanford to devote himself entirely to developing his own startup. Loopt It should be note that the launch of Loopt did not take place at the best time. Despite the fact that the program supporte all the most popular mobile operating  gaine about Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List a million users a year before its appearance Mark Zuckerberg launche his social network which was rapidly gaining popularity in the Unite States. In Twitter appeare and people carrie away by the new trend bypasse Altmans application. In a short time he adde to Loopt the ability to integrate with these.

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