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If someone  Obviously personal data such as names phone numbers or IP addresses may be transferre but not user data associate with the service. In this case its about the financial information they collect who they share it with or the criteria they use to assign a creit score to users. Again this is information that according to the provisions of the GDPR the user can find out and the refusal to provide it can be appeale to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection AEPD. As for the remaining applications none of them except YNAB provide the additional information requeste.

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In the request before we contacte them again with this question. What should we do next The obstacles we face and the results we found showe us how complex confusing and sometimes inaccessible the right of access to information can be for users who do not have the knowlege of Ecuador WhatsApp Number List digital rights or the time to conduct indepth research on how to implement it. There are several important aspects to keep in mind when deciding whether to trust and share your data with fintech apps like the ones we analyze in this report. Of course these provisions are generally valid for any other applications and we cannot but repeat this. This does not mean that using such applications is wrong.

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On the contrary they can be very useful for better control of your personal finances but it is important to understand that there are tradeoffs. We receive a lot and give a lot or even more. Before using a particular service we must know what is at stake. For example Ecuador Phone Number List user data goes not only to the specific company providing the application service but also to a long list of thirdparty services and companies that can access and use user personal data and statistics for various purposes.

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