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The week We ende up asking our donors to submit these requests which resulte. In us receiving data from Fintonic much later than we should have base. On our original request using the right of representation. This can easily be reporte to the data protection authority in. One of the European countries as it does not comply with GDPR rules. Sometimes firms know this and use it to their advantage as Angela. Alvarez an employee of the Spanish DSAR firm MyDataMood recalls Companies do not respect the right of access.

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Most of them are slow to respond and provide some data about customers but in most cases. They do not provide all the information about them but only provide. Data that the users themselves confirm such as their name or address email. In rare cases they also share private usage Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List data that the company uses to provide services. Alvarez notes. Other issues such as the logic followe by profiling algorithms are almost never shown by the company. Fintonic did provide us with a file containing a small amount of personal data about our donors once we reminde us of our right to submit a DSAR.

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On behalf of the person who gave permission to do so. Insisting that the file was missing a large amount of user data they again rejecte the request citing security concerns and mentioning user privacy. We were able to gain access to the data only after the donors aske Dominican Republic Phone Number List Fintonic themselves to contact them and allow the data to be transferre to us. However they did not provide inquiry about how automate decisions are made regarding user profiles using FinScore their scoring algorithm. It is obvious that there is a contradiction between the reasons that the company use to justify the refusal to satisfy our request and the requirements of the law.

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