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In polarize The full cycle of heatingholdingcooling gives slightly better results. Important glass works can be additionally wrappe with a nonthin … mm layer of aluminum foil for better heat distribution. Narrowlength work must have several evenly distribute support points to avoid deformation. It is better not to anneal evacuate devices or to do this at reuce temperatures accepting the remaining VN. Photo . View of the thermal controller of a working furnace where program number thermal profile program step number cooling. Above the temperature. Re specifie by the program green actual from the thermocoupl.

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It can be seen that from a certain moment the heat accumulate in the structure prevents the furnace from cooling at a given spee Photo . After days the workpiece has coole down. The sagging of long parts of the work that did not have support in the middle is clearly Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data visible the annealing temperature should be reuce by. degrees The initial annealing mode is heating . degreesmin. up to a temperature of C holding time hour cooling . degreesmin. up to C. Platinum group glass So Practically in a home workshop it is convenient to cool current work in a basalt blanket. Having accumulate them to fully load the furnace we carry out full annealing.

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For relatively lowmelting glasses of the platinum and molybdenum groups we select its temperature at about C. Textbooks recommend cooling rates of … degreesmin holding at the annealing temperature for … hours. The more complex larger and our work is the more Saudi Arabia Phone Number List delicately it should be anneale heate and coole more slowly and held longer. We examine the work in polarize light before and after annealing and judge its effectiveness. If significant stress remains increase the oven temperature by … degrees Photo  What about our bent squiggle Bah Not the slightest stain all the stresses were perfectly levele.

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