Lawful basis for processing

Your personal and financial information. Its these thirdparty entities that tell apps like YNAB or Splitwise who we are. These thirdparty services in turn partner with other companies. In their privacy documents they also state that they may share user identifiers financial and business information professional information and location data with financial institutions professional advisors and analytics service providers that enable them to provide services to such clients like YNAB. Like YNAB and Splitwise they operate in the US so their data processing takes place in that country. Another financial aggregator MX works in a similar way We also process customers personal data.

Other information that can be

In an aggregate form to help our customers by offering meaningful promotions such as personal loans creit cards and mortgages base on the analyze information. Additionally information such as app users spending habits when combine with other personal data and Cambodia WhatsApp Number List preferences allows for increasingly precise user profiles that online advertisers nee to deliver more precise and targete marketing campaigns to drive additional spend. Be anonymous. so we can deanonymize you in a second Typically these apps know how much you spend on internet electricity and water in your home.

Tricount services thus

They also know how much tax you pay monthly and whether you have children. And as weve already seen the services share some data to find the name and identity behind that information. Such services are calle trackers. Applications use trackers for different purposes. Some of them allow you to verify that everything is working correctly. For example Google Cambodia Phone Number List Crashlytics which records what the user was doing when the application crashe or Google Analytics for Firebase which records various data about how we use the application. Think of it as a diary where these services automatically record every button we press or every time we open an application.

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