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Even if the product is cool and free getting on Dunbars Tshirt is not easy. Therefore it would be more effective not to try to convince all the developers in the world to join the community but to concentrate on those who are most likely to love the product. Set up communications in conversations with imaginary people Personas will help you find your audience. Once upon a time marketers use the persona method to sell shampoo or laundry detergent. Then they adapte this technique for IT and began to imagine the person of a developer who buys or uses specific tools or technologies.

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Essentially a persona is the personification of a group of people with similar characteristics. It is more convenient for all of us to communicate according to the person person scheme rather than company audience segment. The buyer persona using this effect helps to Brazil Mobile Number Database better represent the interlocutors and set up communication with them. The developer persona is create base on real data. Surveys targete interviews with people whom you would like to see more in the community and parsing user profiles in GitHub or other sources help with this.  to a person that really influence behavior in the desire area.

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There should be no more persons than significant differences in characteristics that can be taken into account in communication. detaile or there are too many  people it means that something went wrong at the initial stage. It is important that the output is a working tool and not a complete sociological description. Heres what such a card might look like Less is Brazil Email List better but better .  will not have the resources to qualitatively cover all possible segments of the audience. Its more productive to select a few of the most interesting segmentsusers of a specific technology workers in a specific industry or people at a certain stage of their careerand work more closely with them. It is important to take into account the negative persona.

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