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Obviously even if you sketch out the entire space of a Tshirt like a Formula drivers overalls the space on it is limite. The reason is Dunbars number. This is a hypothetical limit to the number of stable social connections a person can maintain simultaneously. You can read more about this in the article by Dunbar himself and in the publication criticizing this article. Suppose a person has a circle of close people with whom he constantly communicates and circles of less close but constant connections.

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Developer is on a sports team maintains relationships with former classmates plays board games with someone else or goes hiking. There is only so much space left on the social connection tshirt for which technology communities have to compete not only with each Canada Mobile Number Database other but also with the rest of social connections. Not all technologies that the developer knows will be feature on the Tshirt. And not even all the ones he uses all the time. In my experience technology has the best chance of ending up on Dunbars imaginary Tshirt. Relate to professional identity.

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These are technologies at the level

I am a javaist I am an igniter I am a Kafka committer and so on. Contributing to the achievement of goals. Their use and communication around them help a person Canada Email List realize his goals for example to become a great professional make a career and so on. Affecting selffeeling for a long time . A nice library where you can press the Do it well button and it will immeiately do in our hearts as the technology that we spent a long time and perhaps painfully building somewhere studying or writing. It turns out that not everyone can become fans of a particular technology.

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