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Name it owns  This finding holds true for a variety of UX metrics including user ratings of task difficulty time to complete and task success. You can read more about this in the NNgroup article . When to use Sidebar You can see this type of navigation in the food ordering app  Foodpanda. In the list of menu items we will not find a list of restaurants and shops. Inside the Navigation drawer there are only sections relate to the user profile. They open in fullscreen modal windows.

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The application occurs through search and the main screen. food panda Another interesting example is the Microsoft Teams app for iOS. Both Tap bar and Sidebar are use here at the same time although the guidelines do not recommend doing this. And as in Foodpanda Mexico Phone Number List data relate to the users profile is locate here notification management settings and save bookmarks. This is also the entry point for adding another account. microsoft teams nav.png Another popular application Gmail uses two types of navigation. The main mail navigation is done through the burger.

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Product Google Meet This is quite an interesting and probably effective solution from a marketing point of view which few can afford. How side navigation works Inside the burger there are all folders with letters settings and help. When going to a folder for example Mexico Email List Social the burger is save and the user can switch sections through it. When you move to the second navigation level to the letter a Back arrow appears instead of a burger. Not all menu items work this way. When you go to the settings a curtain opens and when you go to the help section a simulate page with.

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