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The publishing  While working on a navigation pattern for a design system my team discovere an interesting. Fact there was little material for designers to understand how navigation could work. I decide to do my research I talke to the developers analyze many applications and looke into the guidelines. In this article I will show you the three most popular types of navigation that are. On the market at the beginning of. I poste this material in English and receive thousand views. Now Im sharing it with the Russian speaking community. Ill tell you why finding something in the application can be so difficult.

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Where the navigation is good and where the product team did not work properly. You will learn what are the main types of navigation. How navigation logically works some features and differences between platform solutions iOS vs Android. I will try not to give my subjective Netherlands Phone Number List assessment of the solutions in the article. Below are facts and observations as well as information from authoritative sources. I will consider the main navigation elements and will not go into auxiliary ones. Lets start with Tab bar Navigation bar. In modern applications this type of navigation is use quite often if not almost always.

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Way of navigation in mobile applications. Depending on the guideline it is calle differently Tab bar in the Human Interface guidelines and Navigation bar in the Material guidelines. tab bars.png Several reasons for its popularity Easy access It is easy to tap with your Netherlands Whatsapp Number List finger which provides easy access to the main sections of the application. Simple and clear navigation elements are visible and iconbase. Icons can quickly convey basic information about the contents of a sectionial guidelines.

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