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One position can be held by many employees. In business it is customary to say that a position is an for an employee directory. But the essence of the matter does not change. In functional dependence there is a determinant qualifier and a goal. Determinant Purpose. Employees are the determinant positions are the goal. Now lets imagine that we were given a good flat table for analysis. How can we get a general idea of it understand the architecture of the table. Below are four questions I ask most often What is the primary key of a table A flat table is a story about a primary key.

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This is always my first question when I see a flat table. In some cases the answer is obvious but sometimes a check or even a search for the primary key is require. Sometimes there is no key at all. Sometimes primary key statements are not supporte by the actual Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data state of the table. What functional dependencies are in the table In a sense functional dependence is the basis of information. Those. it is the relationship between two sets that is information. For example the phrase each employee has exactly one position means two sets and a functional relationship between them Employee Position.

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Understanding functional dependencies allows you to better understand the data and the domain base on precise metrics whether there is a functional dependency or not. This is a simple and effective way of architectural data analysis. How do the two columns in the table Hong Kong Phone Number List relate This question is aske less frequently and is usually neee to examine in detail the relationship between two columns or two sets of columns. Columns can be relate as N N NN logic as in ER diagrams. Employees and positions are relate as N. In addition there are a number of more detaile metrics on the relationship between two columns.

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