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Linking a social network profile in this case Facebook an organization banne in the Russian Feeration. At the same time Tricount gets instant access to some of the data that the user stores on Facebook an organization banne in the Russian Feeration. The extent of this data depends on the companys preferences as well as the users privacy settings and can range from email and profile photo to friends list posts like pages age gender birthday location hometown or uploade photos. This function works thanks to a package of tools that Meta banne in the Russian Feeration Facebook banne in the Russian Feeration provides to developers and third parties the Facebook.

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Software Development Kit SDK. It includes a number of plugins and trackers that publishers commercial partners or advertisers can use to integrate their application with Facebook and obtain data on how users interact with the platform and service as well as to improve their Canada WhatsApp Number List advertising strategies. These partners provide information about your activities outside of ourĀ  the websites you visit the purchases you make the ads you view and how you use their services whether you have an account.

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You have entere our products says the Privacy Policy of Facebook an organization banne in the Russian Feeration section Information from partners. Using this function the developer of a fintech application can inform Facebook an organization banne in the Russian Feeration about what users are doing inside the application. If an app in this case Tricount is intereste in us Canada Phone Number List using a certain feature of the service that requires payment Tricount also has a premium service the social network may display ads relate to it. For information on how ad targeting works on different platforms and what you can do about it read the article How to update your profile on social networks.

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