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When aske about this feature Facebook explaine that they are currently further restricting developer. Access to data to prevent abuse. Among the measures they are taking are removing developer access to Facebook banne. In the Russian Feeration and Instagram banne in the Russian Feeration data if the user has not use. The application for three months as well as limiting the initial data that the developer has access to . Facebook a banne organization in the Russian Feeration as the provider of user identification data for Tricount can obtain a lot of information about the behavior of each user in the application. She knows what they are accessing at any given moment from what device etc.

The application developer

This allows you to get to know users better including tastes habits interests scheules. When aske exactly what information she could get from a fintech app Meta a banne organization in the Russian Feeration directe us to its support web page where it explaine that it  prohibits Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List data providers from sharing financial data with them. Among these data they include bank account or creit card numbers income creit rating or bank balance. They dont mention spending categories or spending habits. Along with Google Facebook banne in the Russian Feeration and Amazon.

Information about your device

Tricount has a clear partnership with the Branch tracker the main function of which is to link data between different platforms and devices which is calle deep linking. Branchs goal is to help services maximize user engagement and productivity. Base on public Cayman Islands Phone Number List documentation we can conclude that it tracks the user by establishing his ID and linking it to certain eventsactions the most significant in our case when the user buys something when the user interacts with any function of the application when the user progresses in using the application creates a profile links email etc. and other user events and actions define by.

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