On the application and the decisions

On the application Sometimes you can give yourself a break by saying after some thesis imagine this. If of course its on topic. You involve people in the process and give yourself a break. Even if there are thoughts in your head you nee rest. At least the ligaments. If you want to take a break to drink water dont be shy either. I directly say one second drink water and continue. Everyone understands everything there is nothing to be ashame of. And another important point is damn gestures. Otherwise people like to stand at attention like a schoolboy at the blackboard. Its already include in the firmware.

Move your hands make gestures

Act like a living person. Nonverbal And the last thing talk to the audience as if it were one person and whom you have known for a long time. Every viewer will feel it. The viewer feels no less discomfort from a bad performance than the speaker. If he feels comfortable or somethin South Korea Phone Number List he will listen more attentively. summeradio Mar at Cool tips Well definitely take it into account thank you Intonation is a separate art altogether. You can make notes for yourself in the report where are the pauses where are the accents where is the upward intonation etc. I always work this way with any texts that nee to be voice.

I also put accents out of harms

Way About contact with the audience at the university public speaking teachers recommende that we not be afraid to look into the eyes of the audience. This is attractive and helps to maintain attention. But the main thing is not to overdo it with gestures. Warming up your voice South Korea Whatsapp Number List A little training will prepare the chords for work help you sound more dense and reuce the risk of sagging your voice. Exercise . Remember how a horse snorts or your PM reacts to requests not to post daily messages in the morning. Now inhale deeply inflating your stomach.

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