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So many  So your voice and nerves will only thank you if you prepare them a little for your triumphant appearance in front of the public. A sip of cognac and a nickel under the heel have never been cancele. Yes doubtful… but ok You can also use it if it helps you. We know the main thing is that it works but how is another matter. More practice and you yourself will not notice how you will become a guru of public speaking and love meetups and conferences with all your heart if suddenly you still havent had a match with them.

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You at Tensor IT events Join us together well test all the tips on ourselves. More information about events in our telegram channel httpst.metensor_channel insert the most vital meme at the end Tags performance meetup oratory skill conferences oratory project Singapore Phone Number List presentation presentation of the report public speaking voice work diction Hubs Tensor company blog Personnel Management Conferences eitorial Digest We send the best articles once a month Email Tensor VLSI system developer Website Karma Rating Yulia Isakova summeradio Content manager Subscribe Comments.

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point learn to work with intonation. Monotony can kill any material. Live speech can draw out even a very weak base. Ascending and descending movements to fragment speech so that the listener does not intuitively fall into a student trance. Working with spee we  say less important Singapore Whatsapp Number List things faster more important ones slower. If we have already said everything that came to mind but there is no new thought yet we develop the habit of silence. Dont moo dont squeal but be silent. Its better to be silent for seconds collect your thoughts and continue speaking simultaneously.

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