Product and review variables

Product and Review public function create  Change  Change User user void thisu serif use rid this  productid this field values this build Review Field Values   Change this status.  Review Stat us CREATE Dvalue this create at Date Helper get Current Date this processe at null This is business logic. class Product Service public function send. For Review Product Validati on Result validati on Result User user. Review product product Change this get Validate Entities validati on Result this set.

Field Value review

product Change user this save Entities In Transaction review  thissend To Another System review thismark As Sent review thissave Entities In Lebanon Mobile Number List Transaction review return review. The code is a direct reflection of business requirements written in natural language. That is the code contains a model of business requirements. Business logic implementation of rules and restrictions of automate operations. business logic is the implementation of a subject area in an information system. Business logic is the implementation of business requirements.

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Product and review to our database

After successful saving send the review to another system After successful submission mark the review in our database as successfully sent Please note that in business requirements the names product and review are use. If we consider business requirements to be a description Senegal Whatsapp Number List of an action algorithm then these names are designations of variables . Therefore a good software model of business requirements should contain and not this at all. The business does not discuss how you will set the values of entity properties. DDD says that you can make services with logic when several entities are use for example transferring money from account to account.

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