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Review acceptance php name space this product Change Repository delete By Id productid We transfer the changes from the review to the product and delete the entry with the changes. We set the necessary statuses in the entities. The blocking is carrie out both In nature the on Review so that the user does not cancel it at the same timeĀ  and on Product. In this example there is no nee to block a product since accepting or canceling a review is the only process that according to business requirements can change it at this moment but in another situation it may be.

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Controller is a separate controller for the internal API which may be on a separate domain and not accessible to the user. That is in the frontend namespace this method does not exist at all. Entity actions are separate into independent groups rather than being in Singapore Mobile Number List one large class. Cancel review php class Review ontroller public function action De clineint id Response review this find Entityid neeLock true review this review Servicee cline review return this success Res ponsereview to Array class Review Service public function decline Review review Review if review status.

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New Runtime Exception Review is already We simply delete the entry with the changes. We set the necessary statuses in the entities. Reflections on the topic Different understanding Experts in DDD and Clean Architecture can say that in addition to entities socalle UAE Whatsapp Number List Use Cases are neee where there will be transaction commits calls to other services and other things. This is true. The thing is people who are not familiar with DDD and Clean Architecture simply call them services. This it seems to me is the reason for mutual misunderstanding. Then someone comes across Fowlers article about the Anemic Domain Model where he says that logic should not be in services and attempts begin to remove it from there.

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