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The resolutionĀ OverlineIis the original image from the camera. This error is minimize using gradient descent using camera position parameters T. After going through about optimization steps we get a camera position inside the scene that is close to the real one. Keyframing Extracting keyframes from the entire video stream is a very important part of any monocular SLAM. This block directly affects the spee and quality of the method. Here keyframing is implemente.

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For joint visibility of the same Gaussians with the previous frame by calculating the Jaccard coefficient IoU. If the IoU value becomes less than a given threshold or if the camera India Phone Number List offset is relatively large we shift the fragment window and consider the new frame as the key frame. Gaussian Insertion and Pruning Gaussians are inserte into the scene at every key frame to either cover elements seen for the first time or increase the detail of existing ones. Lets say we have a new key frame.

For it we recreate a depth

Map it will be known in a specific pixel if the ray passing through it into the scene intersects at least one Gaussian. Otherwise the pixel depth is unknown. The algorithm for adding India Email List new Gaussians is as follows If depth information is available for certain pixels then the average Gaussians are initialize around those known depths with low variance that is with high confidence in their accuracy. In the case where there is no depth information for some pixels for example.

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