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This market was a kind of terra incognita and the very goal that the newly create company. Set for itself sounde rather vague noncommercial research into. AI technologies and their adaptation for the benefit of humanity. That is why many analysts were skeptical about the emergence of OpenAI. But the founders together with several investors as well as Microsoft and Amazon investe. A rather impressive amount in the development of the startup billion.  the starting capital amounte to only million with Elon Musk becoming the largest investor and Altmans.

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Combinator did not contribute a cent at all. Neither Altman nor Musk had previously shown. Any habit of wasting money so it was obvious that there were some grandiose plans hidden behind this project. And so it happene the products develope by OpenAI gave birth to an entire Kenya WhatsApp Number List industry which now as many believe determines the future of IT. In August Nvidia donate its DGX supercomputer to OpenAI which also became an important investment in the development of the project. In Microsofts investments grew to billion but a significant part of it was contribute in kind namely the computing power of the cloud infrastructure . These investments were made by.

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Azure and paid off handsomely Over time Microsoft began building artificial intelligence technology on the same basis as ChatGPT into Microsoft Bing ege Microsoft and other products. ChatGPT gaine approximately ten million users in the first few weeks Bulgaria Phone Number List of its launch in . When compare to Altmans first startup Loopt its clear that Sam has done a lot of work on his product strategy over the years. In Musk left the board of OpenAI officially due to a possible conflict of interest in connection with the development of artificial intelligence systems for Tesla cars and rumore to be because he did not believe in the success of the company.

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