The World of Fantasy magazine

The World of  Sometimes the arrow is supplemente with a hint about where the user will be returne on iOS. The page title may be locate next to the arrow. Headings for Top bar Top app bar navigation Small title in the same row as the Back button. There may be two options here place it in the center usually in iOS or next to the back button usually in Android. Large heading under the Back button. In this case it will not be visible when scrolling down. A large heading that when scrolle down is move to the top in the Back arrow. So the headline will initially be large and readable and then it will become smaller but remain visible.

To close a modal window dialog

Curtain fullscreen modal window use a swipe and a cross. Sometimes the modality is close by clicking on the lightbox area darkening. I dont cover curtains and modal Italy Phone Number List windows in this article but you can read about it in my material Sheet dialog or snackbar what should a designer go for Here I note that beginners periodically make the mistake of using the Back arrow instead of a cross. This icon is not correct if you do not have a fullflege script inside the curtain. In case you have a script inside a curtain the arrow should take the user back one step within the curtain.

What they say in the Human

Interface guidelines human_nav.png A navigation bar is locate at the top of a window or screen to help users navigate through a hierarchy of content. Use a short title that Italy Email List helps users confirm their location. However if a title seems reundant you can leave the title area blank. Consider temporarily hiding the navigation bar to avoid distracting the user. Use the standard back button. People know how the standard back button behaves. Make sure it always works as expecte Read more here.

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