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Value between This is Global Attention it allows you to take into account longterm. Global dependencies that are lost after applying a number of Sparse D CNNs. Next comes the Global Encoder which performs average pooling operations with different scales. In this case we will do something like this Backprojection example Backprojection example. This picture was obtaine from one angle there will be corresponding projections from other angles. Having several such projections.

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Sum and obtain although blurre a reconstruction of the original object. In the article to which the authors refer at this moment the following picture is shown. We are Iran Phone Number List intereste in the part outline in the re rectangle. Yes this is a D case and there are poolings here not  but for us the very principle of identifying. Different levels of features using different poolings is important which is clearly visible in the diagram. The output of Global Encoder and D Global Attention are then combine and expande to TSDF.

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Splatting SLAM The last model I would like to consider is SLAM base on a relatively recent method of scene reconstruction Gaussian Splatting. Comparison of rendering in NeRF and Gaussian Splatting Comparison of rendering in NeRF and Gaussian Splatting In short Italy Email List Gaussian Splatting is one might say a method of decomposing volumetric space into basis functions volumetric Gaussians of different colors shapes and transparency. This kind of continuous representation of our world turns out to be quite effective both in the case of constructing a scene and in the case of its rendering.

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