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Kubernetes security is becoming priority and the first Ks event of this year will be deicate to fault tolerance and disaster recovery cluster vulnerabilities and how to deal with them. They will also discuss Kubernetes application scenarios which have been gaining momentum in recent years including data management and ML. Register.Collecting logs in Kubernetes using Vector advantages architecture real cases Average min K VK company blog Flant company blog Kubernetes Case Hi all Maxim Nabokikh architect and technical director of Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform is in touch . In November I spoke at VK Kubernetes Conf where I talke about how we make log delivery to Kubernetes reliable and faulttolerant using Vector.

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This article is a text version of my report. We have been using the Vector observability pipeline builder tool to collect logs in the Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform for a long time. We successfully use it in the production environments of various clients and get great pleasure Macedonia WhatsApp Number List from working with this tool. Today I want to share our experience so that those who work with Ks feel the potential of Vector and can take advantage of its benefits in their work. Well start with a quick overview of what types of information can be collecte in Kubernetes. Then well talk about Vector its architecture and why we like it so much.

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At the end Ill share practical examples from reallife experiences with Vector. Logs in Kubernetes The main purpose of Kubernetes is to run and manage containers on nodes. At the same time containers are usually develope in accordance with Herokus factors translation Afghanistan Phone Number List on Habr in simple words about factors . Lets figure out exactly how logs are processe in Kubernetes who else generates them and where these logs are store. . Application pod logs Applications in Ks write logs to stdoutor stderr. Next the container runtime collects and stores these logs in a directory usually varlogpods.

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