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When hot processing it it is completely insufficient to form softene blanks and solder them. The natural cooling of a stationary glass work in the open air often leads to the destruction of the device unacceptably large local internal stresses appear in it exceeing the tensile strength of the material glass is fragile and does not conduct heat well. Its individual sections unless special measures are taken cool to varying degrees and at different rates of compression forming compacte areas in the thickness of the material internal stresses IS.

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The most important task of the master glassblower is to prevent their excessive development during work and to control and remove them in the finishe device. Here we will talk about amateur glassblowing instrument making and work with fusible glass which is more Philippines WhatsApp Number Data prone to the formation of hightemperature expansion due to its high temperature coefficient of expansion TCE. General provisions Relatively weak VN are not visible to the nake eye. Photo . A training junction with internal stresses Photo in ordinary light the VN increases with the thickness of the glass and the size of the work the complexity of the device.

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It is more difficult to achieve uniform cooling when using metal solders electrical leads incomplete matching of the CTE of the materials and glasses with high CTE platinum and molybdenum groups. VVs are insidious and do not necessarily lead to glass Philippines Phone Number List destruction immeiately. This kind of accident can happen days weeks and even months after the device is manufacture. VNs do not have to be completely neutralize it is enough to reuce them to an acceptable value. In some cases for example if it is necessary to solder glasses of different groups with greatly different CTE through the socalle. The glasses are transitional it is impossible in principle to completely remove the HV junctions.

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