When opening a product

Queues Yes there are queues with them will work on our project in months. The business has a requirement not to change the values of the fields in the product until the manager accepts the changes. When eiting a product by the supplier changes must be save in a separate table when accepte transferre to the product and delete when rejecte.  page you nee to apply changes and show new values. However the business agrees that filters on the listing page will not take them into account. There is also functionality CSV and mass sending for verification.

For mass loading of data via

In the form of console background tasks. As part of the example we will not implement it but we must take into account that changing the data of one product can occur simultaneously in different processes. A review request is a separate entity in the code it is designate Turkey Mobile Number Database by the name Review. It is assume that the user has access to them and can override them at will. The name review in Russian can be considere a short version of the name request for review.

The implementation can be

Viewe in the repository . Implementation Entities Prod id int name string description string status int create_at string this roduct Repository save product return product Everything is standard here an input DTO with validation rules and a service Turkey Whatsapp Number List that processes it. When creating only the name field is fille in. It will be more interesting later. Preservation of goods There are points to consider while the product is under inspection it is prohibite to eit it a task of bulk data loading or bulk sending for verification that the user launche may be running in the background and right now it is about to process this product. php class return product.

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