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Where users To the Agile product development methodology. You have a great Agile and SCRUM specialist. In your company and he can share his experience and knowlege in this area. You help the expert organize a series of meetings to transfer experience and everything works out. But what if another team having seen the results also wants to switch to Agile Start a new cycle of experience transfer Again waste the time and resource of an expert on organizing the lectures themselves It seems that there may not be enough enthusiasm for new meetings. This is where knowlege replication will help us. It will allow you to avoid such waste of time and effort due to the easy distribution of expert content.

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KM and knowlege replication help solve the following business problems minimize the bus factor increase expertise within a team or company reuce the burden on highperformers and experts optimize the timing of onboarding newcomers. Of course replicating knowlege is France WhatsApp Number List not a magic pill that will immeiately do good to everyone and bring total benefit. But it will definitely help make the work of employees easier. Okay so we take a great skill expert record his knowlege and distribute it to everyone Eh not really. How do we usually plan the process of knowlege transfer.

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So lets take the necessary components a topic in which employees nee to be upgrade an expert who is ready to share experience an employee who is intereste in making sure everything works out. We gather everyone for a lecture in the conference room where Uganda Phone Number List the expert will tell in detail how he copes with his tasks. We will record all this action on video and then post it somewhere in the companys Confluence or make the recording available in another way. Done we have replicate the knowlege profit Unfortunately.

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