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This scheme is ineffective in the long term Revising a twohour lecture. Is difficult and few people will do it especially if there is a whole series of such lectures. Recording from a common room with a bunch of people suffers greatly in sound and picture quality. No matter how wonderful a lecture is it will not answer all the audiences questions. Not all meeting participants are willing to ask questions because they may consider them stupid too basic or obvious. Not all experts are willing to spend time preparing material speaking and answering questions.

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What to do to ensure that the output is something worthwhile and useful Store and protect the time of experts and their mental health. Select a content packaging format that makes it convenient to watch and review in the future. Immeiately think about how to eit and Germany WhatsApp Number List update content because everything in IT changes quickly. Make the content understandable to the widest possible audience both those who are learning the basics and those who are already in the subject and have come for specific answers. Sometimes you nee to translate someĀ  language and take into account questions that will definitely arise.

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Already at this stage it may seem that the mission is almost impossible but lets take a stepbystep look at what can be done. Knowlege Management Cycle If you open any textbook on knowlege management you will certainly see a diagram with such a cycle. Everything looks logical and understandable but when you start working with it you want living examples that are close to Singapore Phone Number List your realities. In this text I will look at an example of preparing a course for Selectel employees. But these same steps can be applie to almost any knowlege process. Identifying Knowlege Nees At Selectel we have many diverse teams but there are common topics that are important for almost everyone to know. One such area is networks. Not only architects and network engineers work with networks but also product and infrastructure teams technical support sales and customer support.

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