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This is how we came up with the idea of creating a large networking course. That will answer both basic and narrow technical questions about the operation of our network services. We starte with a nees analysis. It was important for us to understand. At the very beginning what exactly nees to be taught what topics to cover what questions to cover. I starte collecting specific requests from future training participants. A regular survey in Google Forms is quite suitable for this. You can collect requests on a levelbylevel basis what department heads think employees should know and what employees themselves consider important topics for training.

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When designing a questionnaire it is important to focus on ensuring that participants mark topics that are important to the performance of work responsibilities and not just questions from the interesting to learn something new category. I groupe all the answers receive by level of Georgia WhatsApp Number List difficulty starting with the simplest. It would seem that you can go to an expert with this but its too early. Identifying Knowlege Sources Just coming to a specialist and pointing out please tell me about overlay networks lookbacks and IP factories is not the best solution. Of course the expert knows allĀ  into some kind of material is a whole job.

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Therefore you nee to prepare for a meeting with an expert in advance and in detail. To talk about serious things it is important that the audience understands the fundamental principles of networks how basic protocols work how the network topology is built. If you include this Romania Phone Number List base in an experts speech it will grow to gigantic proportions. If you do not include it we will cut off part of the audience increasing the entry threshold for the course. Almost every topic has basic concepts that dont require an expert. Collect this information. Anyone who knows how to Google can do this. Even a humanities psychologist like me. The structure of the information will be determine by.

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