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The requests of the training participants. Give the result to an expert for review. This will significantly save the experts time and allow you to involve the widest possible audience. If something can be done for an expert and this can almost always be done it should be done. Thus by the time of your first meeting with an expert you will already have a structure of requests from simple to complex and materials on the basics of the topic. Such preparation will help to establish interaction with the expert because you will not come emptyhande.

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Goals for kickoff meeting Immerse the expert in the context of the task. It is important that the expert sees this as a benefit both for the company and for himself personally. Tell them that replicating knowlege will help reuce the load on the expert reuce the number of similar questions or reuce work calls during vacation to zero. Determine areas of responsibility and work Greece WhatsApp Number List format who prepares what when and what what are the intermeiate points where we formalize progress. Identify blocks of information that cannot be google well. Work with experts to break it down into digestible pieces and sketch out the skeleton of the structure.

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Knowlege Creation People have a peculiarity we know much more than we can tell. And we can tell more than we can write. And if we invite an expert to prepare a lesson with a clear script we will inevitably face a loss of knowlege. I suggeste that our network architects Tunisia Phone Number List and engineers try the test lecture format. At the kickoff meeting the expert and I sketch out a plan for a separate block. And then we conduct a test lecture. What is this and how does it differ from the solution describe above which I myself criticize A test lecture is a draft of a speech given to a small audience.

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