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Bing when I will tell you the advantages of this format for each of the parties. Pros for an expert Less stress because we avoid the fear of a blank slate or speaking. In front of a large public. There is no strict script no nee to seriously prepare or write a detaile outline of the speech take into account. T he different levels of training of listeners etc. There is a plan with supporting topics that are well known from everyday work and the experts rich experience. It turns out to be almost improvisation and a free flow of thought on a given topic. I in no way devalue the work of experts.

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It takes time to prepare even for a test lecture. But less than preparing a lecture that will go into production. The presentation will not have a design design the slides will contain screenshots of logs photos of network equipment or links to documentation. And some Guatemala WhatsApp Number List diagrams can be drawn right during the lecture. For students a test lecture is an opportunity to quickly and in a lively atmosphere communicate with an expert and ask burning questions. It usually lasts about an hour and I always record the meeting. Our networking course is quite extensive.

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In order not to overload the experts and not to take long pauses between the releases of the next portion of eucational content we parallelize the tasks creating a kind of conveyor. I interact with several experts at once each of whom is responsible for their own topic. And while one specialist is preparing a test lecture for example on the Global Connect service with other Macedonia Phone Number List guys we are writing a final lecture on external connectivity I am preparing notes base on the materials of the test lecture on networks in the cloud the designers are preparing a presentation on interproject routers. This way we almost avoid downtime.

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