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While investigating Formalization of knowlege We have already pulle the information from the experts head but it is still too early to talk about replication. So far the pattern is still similar to how it usually happens. Therefore lets start formalizing knowlege. I translate the video of the test lecture into text. It turns out a verbatim summary of the speech with all questions and comments. For convenience I use an online transcriber not advertising I have a free trial version. There are two features with transcription via an online service take into account information security requirements for particularly sensitive information.

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Dont expect perfect textthe program doesnt always know the right terminology or recognize words. In general it turns out much faster than writing notes by hand. And you will Honduras WhatsApp Number List also get a lot of funny lines that will add humor to even the most difficult topic. Here are a few gems. We are talking about Juniper MX and MX routers. In the correct formulation the phrase sounds like this the eighty has ports here. You can offer your options. There should have been an access router in Selectel. The resulting text nees to be eite structuring semantic

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Placing questions answers comments of participants in the right places. A complete outline is an important artifact. I broke the topics into short minute chunks and marke the beginning of each slot in the text. I gave the draft presentation from the expert to a team Malta Phone Number List of designers who made it beautiful and polishe. The sketches of diagrams that the expert drew during the test lecture resulte in neat easy toread slides. Was It became Final recording of the lecture We have a special meeting room in our office with additional noise insulation.

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