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we use it for final recording. And the guys from the office administration team organize the light sound and camera. We even have a directors clapperboard. On the appointe day preliminarily agree with the experts scheule we gather to record the final lecture. Well well stop. But what about the story about saving an experts time Together with one performance two Thats all true but no matter how paradoxical it may sound making a test and finishing recording is more costeffective than immeiately doing it in production.

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The expert does not nee to prepare for the final lecture a beautiful presentation on the brand book is ready there is a detaile structure summary all the necessary explanations are note. All the diagrams that the expert drew on the tablet during the test lecture are digitize Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List into sequential slides. Slots for short pieces of recording have been allocate the equipment has been configure. The expert writes one slot for minutes we take a break write the next one and so on. Due to this it becomes easier to talk to the camera you can quickly give feeback and correct some fragment make sure that we have told everything that we planne. I always accompany the experts recordings remaining.

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Behind the scenes because writing material in an empty meeting room without an audience may not be very comfortable. Preservation and structuring of knowlege Further work procees practically without the participation of an expert. We nee to package the receive  materials in such a way that it is as convenient as possible for the audience to receive them. Here you Ivory Coast Phone Number List nee to work with the format and tools for storing knowlege. After recording we eit all the pieces of the video into short minute slots and upload them to the corporate private YouTube channel. They can be collecte in a playlist or you can put them in any knowlege storage system.

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