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Popup is not part of the Windows update and is possibly relate to either BCILauncher.EXE or BingChatInstaller.EXE which were adde automatically to some Windows operating systems specifically from March th . These files are signe by Microsoft and are locate in the folder. A popup ad relate to the above files may appear at random times while browsing in Chrome. popup suggests Bing as default search because it offers GPT for free in Chrome. Microsoft also claims that installing the Bing Search Chrome extension will improve the chat experience in Copilot as it includes features such as chat history notepad and personalization.

In Confluence or in an LMS

In its statement Microsoft said that this is a onetime notification that will not appear again after you select No or Yes. It doesnt have a close X button but you can select No thanks to close the warning. If you click Yes in the popup window Microsoft will add the Bing Estonia WhatsApp Number List extension to Chrome and change the default search settings to Bing. After adding Bing by default Chrome checks to see if you want to make this change since Microsoft tricke you into adding  a popup window. Microsoft knows Chrome will doublecheck this change so the company adde another message urging you to stick with Bing so you can use Bing AI and other features.

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The second warning states If you do this you will disable Microsoft Bing Search for Chrome and lose access to Bing AI with GPT and DALLE . Youll again have the choice to change it back switch back to Google or leave it keep using Bing. Heres the full workings of this new Microsoft Bing popup ad campaign in action In January of this year after installing the KB update Paraguay Phone Number List for Windows the Microsoft ege browser began to automatically open all tabs from Chrome. Security expert Zach ewards confirme the abnormal behavior of ege. I specifically reinstalle Windows and found out that there is an obscure setting to sync Chrome data to ege its also available for MSFT if youre signe.

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