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We didnt meet the goals and in the middle of the sprint it turne out that we had forgotten about the blocking task for the feature. It doesnt matter what your role in the team is if you see a problem it nees to be highlighte. And if you are a product then this is your primary task. As my mentor told me Do you know what the bread of the product is In problems and their solutions. But if you understand that the problem cannot be solve at the team level do not be afraid to come to your manager or mentor and honestly tell everything.

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Senior colleagues can help with advice and correctly help to take responsibility for the business if tasks are not being complete and involve other specialists if necessary. In my situation what really helpe me the most was having a mentor. He said that if you go to the Australia WhatsApp Number List manager with the phrase It seems that Im a bad product and I nee help this rather indicates that you are a good product. A bad person will sit still and ignore problems. Hiring a Scrum Master also helpe us. We havent had it for more than two years so what the processes are built but any change.

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In the processes can change the entire usual working structure and Scrum can help highlight risks and propose changes that will benefit the team and the work. Epilogue These tips may be obvious to some but I will be glad if they help other beginners avoid mistakes and stay Afghanistan Phone Number List calm in stressful situations Sooner or later we all face harsh reality and it is better to use other peoples experience to do this. In particular mine. So let me know if you want more content on this topic There may be many more insights from the work Tags team management development management product management product management Hubs Blog of the Digital SIBUR company.

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