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As much effort as managing your finances maybe even more. The joint study conducte by Tactical Tech and SocialTIC analyze how financial technology fintech apps focuse on personal budgeting respect the privacy of their users as well as how users themselves manage their personal information in these apps. Our goal was to understand how privacy obligations are met and whether personal data that European users enter into such applications either because they are aske to do so when registering or because they choose to do so is transferre outside the application outside Europe and into what volume What we found was quite intriguing the company provide us with data about the wrong user.

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The application initially refuse to send us data as require by law evidence of aggressive trackers accessing users personal data as well as the use of automate user profiling mechanisms. Personal budgeting opens up a new scenario where people not only manage Argentina WhatsApp Number List their finances but are also willing to share their habits passions secret pleasures and lifestyles as if they were using a social meia platform without realizing the consequences. Users can openly share intimate details with digital services such as the money they spend on alcohol or drugs or whether they have meical conditions such as contraceptives. This personal behavior data reflecte.

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In individual spending is then share with thirdparty platforms and companies often tech giants such as Facebook Google and Amazon as well as a variety of trackers designe to collect data create user profiles and serve delicious advertising tailore to preferences we didnt even Algeria Phone Number List know we had. Yes this means that our mom doesnt know how much money we spend on parties but a random advertiser from another country or social meia platform might know and could use that information to create an accurate profile of us if you read Spanish check out also with the article Por qu la publicidad online sabe.

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