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Under the DSAR people with varying sociodemographic characteristics who use at least one of the five apps gave us permission to request a copy of all of their personal data collecte and store by the companies operating the apps. This report summarizes our key findings as well as insights from data protection experts. In short The apps we analyzeand many others like themare part of the thriving fintech short for financial technology industry. This industry is home to startups that have combine finance and digital technologies to make it easier and faster for institutions and people to handle any financial transaction.

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On the one hand this relatively new field allowe people end users to manage their finances independently on the other hand it has revolutionize traditional corporate finance and cash flow. Investors are showing keen interest in backing fintech and its startups as they seek to Albania WhatsApp Number List diversify financial services reach more countries and attract more users. For example banking app Revolut and the group of companies behind it will raise million in spending app Splitwise will receive million in funding in and banking and budgeting app Fintonic will receive . million US dollars of investment in.

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Applications Slantwise YNAB Tricount Fin tonic Revolute Company Splitwise Inc. You Nee A Budget LLC Recount Fin tonic Services Financiers SL Revolute Ltd. Year of foundation Registere in Delaware Unite States base in Rhode Island US Utah Unite States Brussels Albania Phone Number List Belgium Madrid Spain London Unite Kingdom Installe on Google Play. Google Play Google Play Google Play Google Play Google Play Application website Website Privacy Policy Website Privacy Policy Website Privacy Policy Website Privacy Policy Website Privacy Policy Additional Information Splitwise profile on Crunchbase YNAB profile on CrunchBase Recount profile on CrunchBase.

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