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With the Splitwise app users can create private groups to share expenses for specific events such as parties trips dinners and more. The app also allows people to interact comment and plan share expenses within each group adding a social network effect to finances. Users can tag and find their expenses across different groups so the more details they add the easier it is for the app to create a more detaile profile for individuals and their contacts in different groups. For example from our DSAR queries to data donors using the app we can confirm that Splitwise indexes very detaile information about users relationships location health and daily activities as well as very specific habits some of which can have a significant impact on a persons insurance or creit profile.

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Of course users are providing all of this information to the app voluntarily and the extent to which they do so will have various possible risks to their privacy in the long term. Image Sample from a custom dataset obtaine by and Tactical Tech via DSAR. Image Sample Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List from a custom dataset obtaine by and Tactical Tech via DSAR. If we talk in detail about how much we investe there the list of data we receive shows that by looking at the list of expenses someone can find out whether the user has receive the COVID vaccine or not.

Over how data is use

Relating holiday dinner or holiday wines to the concept of vaccine does the trick. Additionally in the US Splitwise users can connect and exchange payments through PayPalowne social payment app Venmo. As part of Tactical Techs Uncovering the Unseen project this Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List article investigate Venmos issues with privacy and the disclosure of user personal data. What does I agree really mean As state at the outset there are several issues that can be questione from a legal perspective the fact that financial data is collecte and share with financial.

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