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Moreover it is extremely difficult to even understand that it was written incorrectly or suddenly. Became incorrect due to a change in business logic somewhere far from this place in the code. And the reason for this is not in technology. But in people a combinatorial explosion arises here and our brain simply cannot cope with this task. Actually this is exactly the same reason why it is impossible to support. Big Ball of Mud projects. Of course to facilitate the implementation of sagas there are specialize. Tools for example Temporal and Cadence.

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But they only solve the technical complexity of sagas automation of repeating steps. In case of temporary errors saving the current progress of the saga recording. The logic of all steps in one place in the code n of the saga. But the main difficulty of the sagas is not this at all Kuwait WhatsApp Number Data but the nee to correctly describe the logic of compensation. Sagas unlike traditional ACID transactions do not provide I isolation and are ACD. Due to the lack of isolation it is extremely difficult to account for all possible data changes. In the database that could occur between the execution of one of the steps in the saga and a later moment when this step neee to be compensate.

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Even if everything was taken into account correctly when the compensation logic was initially implemente future changes in other parts of the design may cause this logic to no longer be correct. It is guarantee to trace all possible consequences and relationships Kuwait Phone Number List practically beyond human capabilities so the logic of compensation for the steps of the sagas will inevitably contain errors. And the more sagas and steps in these sagas there are in the project the more such errors there will be. And each such error means that the integrity of the data in the database will sooner or later be violate Whats even worse.

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